• Do you want to share your knowledge by writing article around the world?
  • Do you want to spend your time productive?
  • Do you like to write but have’t been able to find the right platform?
  • Do you have specific field of knowledge which you want to explore more?
  • Do you want to reach globally through your article?
  • Do you want to make money  just sitting in front of computer?

if so then your choice is now ended !!!

and the choice for you is BLOGGING.

Blogging is basically writing about something and posting in the internet so that many  readers around the world can read your thoughts. Blogging does not have any specific rules and regulation. You can just write and post in your own way.

The topic of blogging is not limited but what limits you is your specific field of interests.

You can write about sports adding your personal thoughts.

You can write cooking article sharing your own recipe item.

You can write beauty and fitness tips.

You can write about positivism which leads positive life of many.

You can write about travel sharing your own knowledge and tips.

You can write about music /arts / science fiction / literature whatever…

But the primary thing is your should choose your topic which you really want to write about, which you really love about, which you really enjoy about. No matter whether you are teacher at school or college,whether you are software engineer in some big companies, whether you are government officer.You can always writing.

You know writing is FUN, once you start writing you will be writing forever!

Now lets move in to the process of blogging then.I will tell you in very simple way which you can find very easy steps. To start blogging first of all you need to have a

-domain name


-Wordpress of blogger (A content management system)

Now after you choose your desired domain name you need to get a hosting who store your all information in their storage and make our information available in the internet.

After you finalize your expertise or your field of interest all you have to do is follow the following steps


  1. Buying a Domain Name and Hosting
  2. Installing WordPress
  3. Installing important Plugins

Buying a domain is not big deal but finding a perfect domain name is like climbing The Mt. Everest. You hardly find your desired domain name. I always spend many days sometimes week and month because domain name should be something that reflect your idea. Moreover once you buy domain name you can’t change it. I search more than one month for my domain name I wanted something perfect to cover the tech related contents.