What is Bezel-less display (smartphone)

Bezel-less display are becoming all the rage that almost all the top smartphone manufacturing companies are pushing out bezel-less devices to attract their customer. Bezel-less is the tech trend of 2017. Xioami started the bezel-less  trend with Mi Mix. Now Samsung S8 is also bezel-less display.which looks definitely amazing.Almost every device these days comes with bezel-less design. Bezel-less is not only in smartphone but in other consumer electronic too. TV’s, laptop are also pushing out their display towards the bezel-less display. Of course bezel-less display for other electronic gadget would be attractive enough to look and feel.

Today we are going to look deeper into it with pros and cons of bezel-less display.

What does bezel means?

Bezel is a term used to describe the outside display frame of the any electronic devices including computer, mobile,tc etc. Less bezel means narrower the size of the outer frame.

Bezel-less:  Nowadays bezel-less display is the buzzword for smartphones. There is narrower frame around the boarder. Companies are doing as much as possible to make is smaller frame.

Size of phone having same display size (Image:Beboom). Bezel-less phone tend to occupy maximum area of bezel with screen


  1. Attractive look : as bezel-less design comes with wider screen with no boarder around.
  2. Wider screen in smaller body size:Phone can manage to pack in larger screen size with smaller size body.
  3. And of course it’s trendy 😉



  1. -Sensitive touch: because it has wider screen sometimes it leads to unwanted software updates unintentional touches.
  2. -First screen damages in case it falls
  3. -No enough room for front facing camera


World’s first true bezel-less phone